Lead a more fullfilling life while creating a sustainable future for both individuals and society.

November 2022

Avoid wasting money, time, and talent and instead innovate more quickly than the competition

October 2022

Learn how use cases, domain-driven design and LCNC platforms address the gap between subject matter experts & software engineers and thoughts for…

September 2022

Make better digital investments when designing your application technology stack
Learn how to draft your own mission, vision, and values

August 2022

Create valuable software that is aligned with the desired outcomes.
Creating working software faster and cheaper while meeting and exceeding users' expectations.
Improve business outcomes by reducing distractions and enabling deep work.

July 2022

Learn how to make digital transformation initiatives a success
Last week I was looking into the curriculum of Startup School from the startup accelerator Y Combinator. In the first module, there was a reference to…

June 2022

Everyone who has worked for both a start-up and a larger corporation should have experienced the difference between these two types of businesses. When…